Handmade Pearl Beaded Bangles Braclet

Handmade Pearl Beaded Bangles Braclet


VINTAGE HANDMADE GLASS BEADS/PEARL BEADED BANGLES.Indian beautiful handmade Glass Beaded BANGLES (PAIR - 2 PIECE) which is used to wear in parties,marriage,special occasions and in belly dancing.This jewelry is also perfect for any tribal costumes.This Bangles / Bracelets Show the person extremely attractive.

•These elements characterize Kutchi/ Gujarati Traditional Vintage Banjara style, and are to be expected in vintage textiles from this area.Pearls are antique and some may be cracked or broken. Likewise, missing beads or unsymmetrical design should not considered defect.

IMP NOTE: The colour of Picture shown above may slightly vary due to flash light, Screen and camera-resolution.

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