Indian Elephant Theme Wall Hanging

Indian Elephant Theme Wall Hanging


Size:  H(height):18"inch


  • Elephant Vintage Patch Work Tapestry/Wall piece/Curtain made of vintage Old beaded sarrees  and Dress Neckline patches.
  • All the work done is Handmade and Hand Embroidered.
  • These Elements Characterize Kutchi/ Gujarati Traditional Vintage  style, and are to be expected in vintage textiles from this area.
  • Likewise, missing mirrors or unsymmetrical design should not considered defect.  Some material is old vintage this is not an imperfection.
  • Mirrors are antique and some may be cracked or broken. 
  • IMP NOTE: The colour of Picture shown above may slightly vary due to flash light, Screen and camera-resolution.
  • Wash Care : DRY clean only.

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