Tribal Indian Kutch Embroidered Women's Skirt.

Tribal Indian Kutch Embroidered Women's Skirt.



Height of Skirt (chaniya) - 32"Inch
Waist of skirt - 32"Inch
Skirt flared (width )- 122"Inch

Fabric -Cotton

  • This Indian Gujarati Gypsy Tribal kutch Embroidery Banjara Skirt has intricate & heavy hand embroidery.
  • Exclusively handcrafted in its country of origin, India,Gujarat by the people of rural India.
  • RABARI HAND EMBROIDERED SKIRT(CHANIYA) has both sided (front & back) embroidery work.
  • Vintage condition - Original sketch or print mark will show in some places.
  • Some of the material on the have frayed or worn.
  • This is an old Skirt and made by 1960's tribal people.
  • Some of the mirrors and beads are cracked / burned or are missing.
  • Note : Quoted Price is Only for Skirt In the Image 
  • IMP NOTE: The colour of Picture shown above may slightly vary due to flash light, Screen and camera-resolution.

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